This ring has a story. When the designer, DSB, was a little girl, there was a friend of the family named Virginia who always brought DSB gifts and treats from her amazing adventures all over the world. When Virginia died, DSB inherited all of her fabric and notions in four or five huge boxes. The button used on this ring, a great woven-look brown and yellow button, is from that collection and we like to think that everything we use from Virginia's stash is imbued with the spirit of a feisty world traveler. Because we guess that the button is at least 30 years old, the varnish has cracked in a few places (which you can see in the photos). We don't mind and hope you don't either.

The rest of the ring is made from recycled bicycle inner tube and reclaimed leather. It measures 1.25" across. The band is also made from rubber so there is some give in the sizing.

Size 8

Price: $20.00 USD


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